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Important News

Important News: 

Next training session

at Padworth Village Hall Field.

Wednesday 26th April

6.00 for 6.30- Starters/Intermediate

Sunday 14th May

9.00 for 9.30 - Interm/Open Training


The Kennet Flyball Club (KFC) was formed in summer of 2008 to allow dogs and their humans to participate in one of the country's fastest growing dog sports. Based just south of Reading, Berkshire we currently have teams competing in British Flyball Association (BFA) Sanctioned Competitions and a Starters Team. Our Teams are the Kennet Zingers, Kites, Kestrels, Kingfishers and Specials. We are always looking to put new teams together and we welcome new members. We train every Sunday (as long as we are not at a show) at Padworth Village Hall, Padworth Lane. RG7 4HY. Training starts with set up at 9am then Starters at 9.30 am for 30-45 minutes depending on the number of dogs, followed by Team training. From April once the daylight lasts long enough we will change to Wednesday evenings.

Competitive But Fun

We try to promote a relaxed environment where dogs and humans can have fun, but at the same time we aim to establish competitive teams for competition. If your objective is to come along and have some fun, then you are more than welcome. If your aim is to take it a little more seriously then that's okay too, so long as you and your human have fun. All the teams have been reasonably successful in competitions and often finish well placed in their respective divisions, the Zingers race in the top divisions 1 or 2 with the Kites snapping at their heels. Zingers are currently ranked 20th with a fastest time of 16.82, Kites are ranked 76th with a fastest time of 17.53, Kestrels are ranked 137th with a fastest time of 18.46 and Kingfishers are ranked 477th with a fastest time of 20.86 in the UK out of 670 teams. As all teams are seeded according to speed they compete with their equals which gives them close competitive racing in all divisions.


If you like the sound of Flyball then why not come to one of our Training Sessions. We train at Padworth Village Hall, Padworth Lane RG7 4HY every Sunday at 9.30 am, unless we are at a show. Starter training classes are on a wednesday evening, 6.30pm. Check website first. Get your human to contact our humans by filling out the form on the Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Next Event


Shooting Stars, May day bank holiday

and Specials

Days to be confirmed.

Dog Of The Month for April


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We have 5 Open flyball teams, and Starter teams. 
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