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What is Flyball?

Flyball is a fast and furious team sport for dogs, in which teams of four (plus up to two reserves) compete in a relay race over four hurdles to retrieve a ball from a spring loaded box and return back over the hurdles to the start line. The first team to get all four dogs to retrieve the ball and return without a foul wins that heat. The race is won by the first team to win best of five heats.

The Main Points:
1. The dogs race each other in lanes set no less than 12 feet and no more than 20 feet apart. They have to be well trained to ignore the dog in the other lane.
2. If a dog crosses into the opposing teams lane that heat is forfeit and the point is awarded to the opposing team.
3. The dogs must jump over all the jumps on the way out and on the return leg. If a dog "runs out" then it must be run again.


Blitz and Ozzy 

4. Each dog must carry the ball over the start finish line. If a dog drops the ball then it must run again.
5. No part of the outgoing dog must cross the start/finish line before the returning dog crosses the line. If there is an early crossover, then the outgoing dog must be run again.


Dogs who are new to Flyball are known as Starters. Starters Training with us is on a Wednesday evening (it is outdoors so depending on the weather) set up at 6pm to start by 6.30 pm for around 45 minutes depending on numbers. Sessions are £4.00 per week per dog, after 4 sessions you should know if you and your dog are enjoying Flyball and wish to continue. At that point we ask you to become a member of Kennet Flyball Club, membership runs annually from August £18 for one dog £24 for two, the membership covers the cost of renting the ground and facilities at the hall.

Next Event


The Outdoor British flyball championships 17th-19th August

Kestrels competing on the 17th, with time trials for Zingers 

Kites and Zingers competing on the 19th

Dog Of The Month for July

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Sharon and Bo

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We have 3 Open flyball teams and a Starter team. 
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